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Mister and Blister

Make myself feel good?

Wouldn’t life be better if everybody was happy with themselves and what they have? So happy that there were no need for envy or selfishness?

But this can sometimes be quite tricky.

Life, the Treasure Map and something or another.

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A boy is being bullied.

But that happens all the time, doesn’t it? For this boy, however, life takes an unexpected turn, and he will discover what he is really made of when he finds that which was hidden a long time ago.

A short story suitable for all ages.

The Little Child

Enjoy life and be happy! Be whoever you want to be!

This is what we should be saying to our kids. Instead of forcing stereotypes.

A book to show children that you don’t have to be who your gender colour says you should be and that it is ok to be whoever you want to be.

Hello and Welcome

Your local companion to the National Museum of Iceland.

The National Museum of Iceland, you say?

Is it a must see thing?

So, you are travelling to Iceland and wondering what to do? Time is limited, you might have found a list of the best things to do in Reykjavík. Is the National Museum of Iceland worth a visit? What is there to see? If you tend to like museums, then the answer should come easily. If you are not sure, feel free to join me on a little exploration.